How to solve printer jam problem in Hp Officejet Printer

It is inevitable that most of the business hamper due to printer problem. Paper Jam is one of the common issue. The users try firsthand to resolve the issue but can’t solve it. The following guides help to solve paper jam issue. Although hp Officejet printer models are similar in design, you may have to make small changes to the following steps depending on models.

Hp Printer Service Center in Kolkata
Hp Printer Service Center in Kolkata

Paper Jam in Hp Printers

  • Turn off the printer and wait for completely shut down.
  • Unplug the printer.
  • Open Up the printer cover,
  • Remove the paper slowly.*
  • Paper is still stuck then remove the printer head and try again. Remove the printer cartridges and tug out paper scraps and pull out the paper gently. There are some model has knob that’ll enlarge the slot, making removal easier.
  • If the Printer still have a problem, then you go through user manual for your printer model and follow the instruction.
  • It is seen that many printer models have back panel or input try, you can remove the cover and try it again.
  • Clean the print header by running printer head running process. This can clean microfibers in nozzles.
  • If problem is still persist please contact with Hp Printer Service Center

* Tugging paper without much pressure as it causes – tear the paper. Use tweezers to reach narrow area and held left and right ends of the paper and slowly pull it out from printer.

Hp Printer Service Center in Kolkata

Piece of wrinkly paper can toil to a halt Paper jams.  This is the mechanical problem of printer. You have to take patience to remove the paper, but once you’ve determine the problem, you can easily solve the issue following the instruction here. If you can’t find the issue or the printer problem is still remaining after the paper is removed, call to Hp Service Center in Kolkata to resolve the issue permanently.

Hp Printer Service Center in Kolkata

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